Back to School Now

Christina Brooks on Wednesday, 01 December 2010. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT, Student Life

One thing that is unique about RIT is the quarter system. This system consists of the year divided into 4 parts, each 10 weeks of class and 1 week of finals at the end, making it 11 weeks (hooray for math!). We just finished our first quarter here at RIT and had a week break for Thanksgiving. So unlike regular semester schools, we were done all of our classes and had no homework over the break! Now coming back from the break we get to start with fresh new classes and schedules.

Long breaks like that are great for seeing family, catching up with friends, catching up on sleep, and eating home cooked meals. This was the first time I’ve been back home since moving in and I never realized how much I missed my own bed. The beds here at the resident halls are pretty nice, also considering you can pad it with layers of blankets and mattress pads, but nothing is quite like home. But back to school with a very packed schedule, I’m really excited for my new classes in my new major!

On a side note, we got our first snow today at RIT! I’ve only seen it snow this hard twice in my life so I’m really excited! It also never snows this early in Virginia, so this is a treat! Now I’m just wondering how to get to class later...

Here's some shots of campus from the safety of my dorm room.