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Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 03 December 2008. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework for Round 2!! Winter quarter started yesterday. I consider myself lucky. As I've said earlier, many of my friends returned from Thanksgiving Break just in time for finals, woo! We get to start a new quarter. Lucky for me, this quarter doesn't look as insane as last quarter...yet. Auditions for the musical got moved to this weekend so if I get in *crosses fingers* that adds something else to the calendar. However, this not being busy is already taking it's toll on me. I had NOTHING to do last night so instead of doing things I should be doing like homework, setting up meetings, and food shopping, I watched Grey's, Housewives, and Gossip Girl. Not cool. I cannot keep going like this. Busy-ness, START! (I will regret saying that in about eleven days)

The drive back to Rochester was not exactly fun. What is normally a five hour drive took NINE HOURS. Some of it was due to people were going slow because the roads were a bit slushy. Most of it was due to IDIOTS. Everybody and their grandma was going back to college on Sunday and some people like to ignore the fact that there is water/slush/snow/ice on the road and just keep driving 80 mph and then they wind up in an accident. None of the twelve or so accidents I saw were severe...just fender benders and cars off the road. But still...please be careful on the roads!!

So I've never really been a fan of Black Friday. Waking up early, camping outside a big box store, then fighting herds of people doesn't really appeal to me. In fact, this year for Black Friday, my plans consisted of 1. my couch 2. pancakes 3. The Sims 4. Deadliest Catch marathon. My phone had other plans for breaking on Thanksgiving during a three hour drive. Yay!! And I would have waited until after Black Friday and just made do with my mom's phone...except once again, the phone had other plans. It's warranty was up on can you guess...Black Friday!! (Note - thank you, whoever invented the Leap Year) So instead of sleeping in and being a bum, I woke up early, fought traffic, parked a mile away from the mall, and hopped on a golf cart shuttle to the mall entrance. The driver kept asking the riders what they were hoping to find at the mall. I was bitter and angry so I complained. After being there a few hours, I did get a new FREE phone. Apple wins again!

And last...some upcoming events here at RIT:

December 6 - Chocolate on Ice - Ice Skating at Ritter Arena, bring a canned good and get free skate rental!!

December 13 - Holiday Concert in Ingle

December 14 - Service of Lessons and Carols in the Interfaith Center

December 19 - BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK (not proceeded by finals holler)


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me wearing a 4 year old's unicorn costume!
(instead of doing homework)