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Becoming a Nomad

Emily Okey on Friday, 02 July 2010. Posted in Student Life

Let's first start off by saying that I hope that my mom does not find this post because I think she would be none too thrilled that I am sharing pictures of my disaster of a room :)

Not to worry, my room no longer requires a state of emergency declaration. After having all of my stuff at school for the year, I sent home half of it with my parents when they came up for Imagine RIT and then brought the second half home when I came back at the beginning of June so things were a little bit disastrous. Lots of piles, sorting and I think I finally have everything to where it needs to go.

After school got out, I went on a week long retreat to the Adirondacks followed by two weeks of work at the admissions office. I came home (to Maryland) on Saturday the 12th and promptly left town on Saturday the 19th when I flew out of BWI to the Milwaukee airport in Wisconsin. I then spent a week with my Grandparents and cousin hanging around, eating cheese!, visiting parks and other local wisconsin attractions (including a cheese factory, how cool is that??) 


The only problem with this all is that I feel like a bonafide nomad. I currently do not have an apartment at RIT (well I do but it is under renovation for the summer) and I have hardly spent anytime at home so living out of a suitcase is apparently the way to go.

After the week in Sheboygan, Wisconsin I went down to Racine (also in WI) for 2 days followed by 2 day in Madison (the capital of WI) and then 2 days in Chicago before driving 12 hours home yesterday.



The initial purpose of the trip was to spend time with grandparents and to attend my cousin's wedding but I also had a slight desire to check out Madison and Chicago as possible places for internships next summer or jobs for after college. (So if anyone knows anyone who needs a graphic designer in either of those cities, let me know ;) ) Both would be equally good cities to live in and I fully plan on looking for internships/jobs once this next school year starts. Although, it is kind of weird to think that I only have 2 years of college left!! 

Now I'm home for 17 more days before I drive up to Rochester for a few weeks! :)