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Big Announcement

Jacob Sachs on Thursday, 02 December 2010. Posted in Student Life

On Friday morning, the trailer for RIT Behind the Scenes will be released across the Internet
via both the RIT and Undergraduate Admissions Facebook pages, YouTube, and on student
Twitter pages.

So what is RIT Behind the Scenes? To give you a preview, five RIT students (myself being
one of them) are documenting their lives in a webisode series. The first episode of this is
scheduled to be released early next year. These webisodes can be considered a real-life
virtual road map to what RIT is all about. I hope you will check it out. You can expect to see
what students’ daily life is like- from early and late mornings, inside classes, working in the
labs, finding time for coffee, to checking in at club meetings. Anything goes.

All in all, a lot depends how a student directs their own life in college, because once you get
here, you are on your own, your own boss, you manage your time. And along the way, you
discover some of the great things about the college experience that will not only change
who you are, but prepare you for the rest of your life.

So starting on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, when you get the chance, take a look at what might
be in the future for you at RIT when we take you Behind the Scenes.

Here are the links:

RIT Admissions on Facebook

Rochester Institute of Technology on Facebook

RIT Admissions on You Tube

RIT students on Twitter