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Birdhouse in Your Sol

Josh Kramer on Wednesday, 17 March 2010. Posted in Dining

If you have ever visited the dorms (or you live there), you may have passed the Sol Underground (Sol's). Sol's is a store operated by Dining Services and sells wraps, pizzas, and paninis, as well as toiletries, schools supplies, birthday cookies, toys, balloons... you get the picture.
Sol's is a great place to go if you don't want a “prepared” meal like you could get at Gracies or Commons, but you want something more than a microwaveable pizza from the Corner Store. My personal favorite is “The White” pizza with green peppers, onions, and mushrooms (“The White” refers to the base, which is pesto. You can also get barbecue, “The Red”, Roman, or several others).

When you go to Sol's you shop from the isles of the store. Then you pay and order your pizza/panini/wrap and wait.



There are several things you can do when you are waiting for your food to be done. You can sit and talk to friends (there are 6 or 7 chairs right by where you order), play with your phone or portable media gadget, run up and down the tunnels (until an RA tells you to stop), or go read the magazines.




The last choice is always my favorite. Sol's has an extensive selection of current magazines for any taste, be it Sports Illustrated, Popular Science, or Cosmo. I always pull out a magazine that has something to do with computers or gadgets. Recently, due to a lack of purchases, they discontinued selling Macworld, my favorite, so now I settle for Wired, Popular Science, or the Windows magazine.









If you want candy, Sol's is definintely the place to go. From a 5lb Hershey's bar to huge bags of Sour Patch kids and Swedish Fish, as well as smaller quantities for those of us who are smart about what they eat. Sol's is also the place to go for seasonal candy. They had roses, candy hearts, and chocolate in February, and now they are bursting at the seams with Easter candy, such as chocolate eggs and light colored jelly beans.


The Easter candy at Sol's. So many
eggs, it's practically a Birdhouse!


If you find yourself at the end of a Housing tour during your visit to campus, check out Sol's before you leave to dorms.