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Break reappears, teasers, and Crusade for Christ interferes.

Adam Richlin on Thursday, 28 December 2006. Posted in Academic Calendar, Clubs, Residence Life, Student Life

I'm back on break again! Winter break has come and it's back to Long Island for me. I get to see the highschool friends, I get to see the parents, and I get to see the relatives.

Breaks are funny with RIT. We get the same amount of time off as the average college (based on personal guess), but it comes in different amounts. Most of my friends get off one week for fall break, three for christmas. That seems to be the norm. RIT, however, has two weeks off for fall break and two for christmas. Why? I'm not sure.

The only funny thing with it is that there are three weeks of class inbetween the two breaks. It feels like we come back from break in time to get a teaser of quarter 2, then back to break!

Ahh well.. being home. I have friends here, but it's not as much fun as college. Being on a dorm floor is kind of like being in a hotel where everyone keeps their doors open and talks. Being on break is like being sent to solitary confinement, except that my brother's here too. (That could be a good thing or a bad thing... im not sure yet.)

I got lucky this year with my floor... I'm with a good crowd. The floor has a random mix of guys and girls, and the better part of them are social. Its got geeks and jocks and artists and WoW players and future politicians and all sorts of interesting mixes. We really have a small human ecology on our floor.

Thats such an improvement from last year, where I was on an all-male floor (the famous NRH 2). The guys were nice on the floor, but no one really stayed on the floor or wandered around much. That really started to get to me pretty quickly. I started wandering elsewhere to find human interaction out of necessity, and that made me feel like a perpetual outsider.

Oh.. which reminds me of another amusing story... (I told you I was going to ramble)

So speaking of human interaction, I still remember the first day of freshman year... Move-In Day. It all went well, I got moved in by 11:00. I hadn't yet met my roommate or anyone else for that matter, so I started to wander the floor. I met a few new people, and returned to my room. When I got back, a kid was postering my door with a Crusade for Christ flyer. The conversation went something like this:

"What's that?" ::points at poster on door::
"Crusade for christ is having a meeting on thurs-"
"-Why is it going on my door?"
"Your door? Its an announcement."
"Yes but why my door?" (he didnt put it on any other door on the hallway)
"Oh, you're catholic, right?"
(repeat ad nauseum with christian sects. At last, flustered:)
"Unitarian then?!"
"Then WHAT?!"
"Oooh.... we can fix that!"

Wait! Hold up!

I didn't know Judiasm was fixable, let alone that it was a problem! We had a short discussion afterward where I explained life, judiasm, and how those little lego blocks stick together. (its magic, I swear.)

So that was my first meeting with Crusade for Christ, and thankfully my last. I know they aren't bad people, and I bet most of them dont think like that. But that one kid really made me laugh. I have never seen him again, and I never got his name.

I met the "religious group leader" for crusade for christ on one of the film shoots I worked for a friend. David (at the bottom), the Baptist Minister, is a really cool guy. He's one of those people that you can have a conversation with about anything. He was acting in the film I think as a mini-mart clerk. I was the "general assistant" on set... I did boom mic, lighting, grip, gaff... everthing the director needed. Between takes we had some fun conversations about everything from judiasm to family politics to japanese bubble tea. It certainly makes the time pass faster sitting on top of a soda refrigerator with a heavy boom mic when you have someone nice to talk to.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Well enough with the rambling for now. It's 3:30 AM and I'm going to bed with the hope that I will awake tomorrow before the sun has completely gone down. More rambling tomorrow!