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Breaking into "Hollywood" - How RIT can help

Trevor Mazzaglia on Tuesday, 05 February 2013. Posted in Advising & Support

It is no secret that the Film and Animation industry is very competitive. Breaking into “Hollywood” is often the ultimate goal, but where to start? The problem is everyone is talented, and everyone is looking for work. However, that’s not to say it can’t be done; you just need to be prepared.


Luckily, RIT’s School of Film and Animation has a required course for 3rd year Film and Animation students to help. Junior year is especially important because students are searching for summer internships going into their senior year. Work experience is very important, and an internship is a fantastic way to gain relevant experience before graduation.

Being in the class now has already proved helpful in my search for an internship. We have worked on our resumes, created demo reels, and gave ourselves an online presence through a personal website. The class often features guest speakers, such as RIT professors and contacts in the industry. These guest speakers talked about their story of breaking into the industry, and how they have ended up where they are today. They have tons of insight for students.

One guest speaker that proved very useful for me was one of the senior recruiters from Blue Sky Studios. She gave tips on how to apply for the internships they offered, and what they look for in applications.

This class gives RIT students a step ahead of the competition upon graduation.