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Breezeway Battle

Patricia Schiotis on Thursday, 08 April 2010. Posted in Student Life

The thing I miss the most now that I do not live in the residence halls is my walk to class. Obviously, I do not miss the walk down the quarter mile in the pouring rain or a snowstorm, but on a nice spring day I would love to walk to class.  It is not your normal walk to class.  There are many sights students overlook, but I always notice my surroundings.

The first notable “landmark” is the rock.  It’s not just your normal rock, it’s a rock that is battled for every night to see what Greek Organization or on-campus club gets to precedence of having the rock spray painted in honor of them.  It’s not like you can go anytime during the day to paint this rock, it must be between midnight and 8am in order to officially paint the rock.  It’s an unwritten rule that everyone follows, and if broken, the winning party of the preceding night will not be happy.  If you walk by the rock at the early morning hours, you may see a group of kids camped out, protecting the rock with their symbols upon it.  Since my two years at RIT, I’ve painted the rock 5 times.  Although, I have never officially stayed the night, my friends and I would make sure the rock was somehow protected.

When you continue down the quarter mile, you enter the breezeway.  You may think it is just an ordinary passage between the new Campus Center and the Clark Gym, but this is perhaps the place for the best advertisement on campus.  There are flyers everywhere!  Every club and organization has posters up, telling the quarter milers about their upcoming events.  You also she giant posters that always catch the wandering eye.  During the fraternity and sorority recruitment weeks, the breezeway is always filled with all the organizations recruitment schedules, and possibly the curious freshman may check out the events.

If it’s not the advertisements that catch your attention, it may be all the people walking by you. Last year, I remember walking down the quarter mile and seeing everyone I knew.  I often had to plan to leave for class early in case I got stopped by a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  Even if I didn’t stop to hold a conversation with everyone, I still acknowledged them, and greeted them hello.  I remember the thought of a broken record, for every person I saw you would have the quick 5 second conversation, “Hey whats up” “Not much you” “just going to class.” You never have time to strike a full on conversation on the go.

It may be about a ten minute walk down the quarter mile to class, but the time goes by fast with everything, and everyone you see.