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Brick City Cafe

Patricia Schiotis on Saturday, 26 June 2010. Posted in Dining

There has been one on-campus food venue I have been missing since being home this summer and that is the Brick City Café.  Although it is only opened for breakfast and lunch, the food that is offered there is my favorite.

For breakfast, you have the option of a variety of grilled orders each morning.  I usually ordered a croissant sandwich with eggs, cheese, and bacon.  While at home, I attempted to cook a croissant sandwich myself, but it was not the same.  If you are not into eating grilled foods in the morning, there are also a variety of baked goods, fruit, and cereals that are offered.  I remember mornings that I would get out of my 8AM classes early, and would be delighted that I actually had time before my next class to grab some breakfast at the Brick City Café.

The lunch menu at the café also has a variety of foods offered such as wraps, sandwiches, fresh salads and fruits, soups, and different daily specials.  I would often find myself deciding which option I would eat, and would usually end up getting a sub from the sandwich bar. 

The Brick City Café is also conveniently located towards the center of campus in the Student Alumni Union (SAU).  It is also a common place to hang out between your afternoon classes. There was not a day last year, where I could walk in the café and not see someone I knew.  Whenever I ate in the dining room, I would never feel rushed, and would often find the people around me constantly changing depending on who needed to go to class, work, or to the library.