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Brick City Homecoming: Pumpkin Chunkin!

Daniel Nwosu on Sunday, 11 November 2012. Posted in Coursework, Festivals, RIT Behind The Scenes, Student Life

Another exciting day at RIT!

This time the engineering technology students gathered adjacent to the baseball field for Pumpkin Chunkin. They've been brain storming, designing, collaborating, and building for weeks. When the time came for the students to give the enormous crowd a show, they did not disappoint.

As they began to reveal their launchers more people started showing up. Friends, family, loved ones, other RIT students, even local high school students came. Pumpkin Chunkin was the place to be that day. It was quite an amazing event! "The crowds this year reached a record high", according to Prof. Slifca, the coordinator of the event. 

As the first few catapults launched the crowd not only grew in number but also in volume. As more and more teams launched the pumpkins, the RIT pride began to fill the air. In all it was a successful and fun day. Everyone had a great time, and enjoyed the show.

Also for for videos and pictures from me (@RIT_Daniel)