Brr! It's Cold Out Here, There Must be some Tigers in the Atmosphere

Blenda Luong on Thursday, 17 December 2009. Posted in Dining, Student Life

Brrr! That’s the only thing I can think about these past few weeks at Rit. It’s been teeth chattering cold and I am not prepared!

So today was my final class before break! This week has felt like midterm week because all the professors are trying to throw things at us while wrapping things up so we don’t forget over break. Although I enjoy our quarter system, I’m kind of jealous of all my semester school friends who have all of January to hang out while I’m studying for midterms. That’s why I’m going to try to hang out with all of them as much as I can the next two weeks of break!

One thing I wanted to talk about was the event that happened last weekend which I did not know about until I passed it Monday morning… The off campus housing at Park Point has a huge sign in the front of their complexes- Well they HAD a huge sign in the front of their complexes. The sign is now just a bunch of mangled pieces of metal. I tried putting the story together but didn’t have too much luck besides a person drove their car through it for fun. Thanks to Facebook there is a great picture of it and thank you to Youtube a short clip that was taken from a security camera. Although that might have been entertaining for that person at that time, they will probably be put on the naughty list this year not to mention major property damage. But yeah that was the big talk at RIT this week.

If you want to check out the crazy pitcture:

Crazy clip:


Speaking of Park Point, I am a big HUGE fan of the restaurants that are there. Not only do they accept tiger bucks but are a 2 minute drive/5 minute bus ride from campus. Great for my hour breaks between classes. Here are a few places that I love to go to.

-Lovin Cup which is a great place to listen to live music and hang out in a low key setting. I’d recommend the Hot for Teacher, Let it Brie, any of their soups, and a chocolate mocha smoothie called Karmel Police. They also have trivia nights and open mic night that you can sing or play on their mini stage like my friend below.


-TC Riley’s another great place to hang out and eat. They are an Irish bar/restaurant that is filled with flatscreen tvs playing all sports games happening that day. Great place to go out especially on the weekends.

-King Davids is one of my new favorites. I never had falafels before and I LOVE it! Try it.

-Of course I LOVE Wok with You! I mean I may be biased because my family owns it but it really is great food. It’s Asian fusion so if you are either craving Chinese, Thai, or even Sushi you defiantly need to go there. Look for my dad, he’s the cute little Asian man running all over the place. :)

Now that I’ve advertised for Park Point (which they probably should consider paying me for…with food.) You guys should stroll on over to check it out. They even have live FREE concerts for the public and great deals for Rit students.



Sorry for the random thoughts and information in this blog. I’ve been thinking about blogging about Park Point for a while so I wanted to add it in.  I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday break! Let me know if you end up checking any of those places out. Yum!