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Buy Guitar Hero: On Tour because I made it

Joe Conley on Wednesday, 19 March 2008. Posted in Co-op

This past summer and fall when I was working for Activision's Vicarious Visions studio in Albany, I programmed for a team working on the newly announced Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS, the first portable edition of Guitar Hero.

The Guitar Hero franchise has been one of the biggest names in gaming for a few years now, with every new edition going platinum faster than the last. Activision's acquisition of RedOctane and Guitar Hero enabled them to become the only company to surpass Electronic Arts and claim the #1 spot for 3rd party publishers in the past decade.

Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS will have more than 20 songs, the majority of which are exclusive to the DS, and 80% of them are master tracks from the original artist. All of the songs have been custom tracked for the DS version, and all of that was done in-house at Vicarious.

On Tour will ship with it's own peripheral which RedOctane has entitled the "Guitar Grip." It has the fret buttons, and also a guitar-pick shaped stylus with which to strum the virtual guitar pictured on the screen. There are several multiplayer modes in the game, including the new Guitar Duel, which builds off of Battle Mode from Guitar Hero 3.

Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions, commented that "We really tailored Guitar Duel mode for the DS and the touchscreen. For example, you can set fire to your opponent's guitar and rack up points while they're blowing into their mic to put out the fire." I like that quote the most because I remember programming that.

If you want some more info, check out the following video and screen shots, or visit, where you can preorder the game: