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Camp Stand By Me

Victor Santiago on Tuesday, 31 May 2011. Posted in Community Service

Today is the first day of a trip of a lifetime, Journey of Hope. 
Woke up this morning at 3:00 am to arrive to the Rochester International Airport to board my plane to get to Seattle, Washington. I arrive at 10:22 am (PST) at the Tacoma Airport, where I was picked up by a brother, Fred O. Angel III, who transported us to a camp, Camp Stand By Me, which is located in Vaughn, Washington.

They are a residential summer camp for children, teens, and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. They provide weekend respite programs provide camping opportunities throughout the year while offering parents and caregivers a much needed break and provide opportunities for the entire family to attend camp programs where all family members are able to fully participate. 

The camp is accomodating us with room and board while we train vigorously for the Journey of Hope, but they are an example of a type of camp that I will be doing friendship visits with my brothers,during the trip.  The brothers and I will be visiting different locations and hanging out with people with disabilities, both physical and developmental, and  just staying a camp for such needs for an entire week makes the trip more worth it. 

In addition to just serving people with disabilities and visiting them, I am also raising funds and awareness, with the help of Push America, for people with disabilities. 

If you would like to donate to the cause, or know anyone that would like to contribute, CLICK HERE, and to read more about my mission go HERE.

Picture of the owner of the camp and the beautiful mountains in the background.