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Camping on the beach

Sarah Alef on Monday, 21 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

This last weekend we camped out on Long Beach, located on the far side of South Caicos.  Everyone was really excited to get out and go, and we drove to the campsite in anticipation of what we would be experiencing.  We grilled hamburgers and potatoes for dinner, and sat watching the sun gradually sink in the sky while eating.  The wind was intense, and created some difficulty in setting up the tents.  More than one tent turned into a kite and had to be captured! 




















































After dinner, while exploring the beach and frolicking in the surf, we found two coconuts and a tiny crab.  Can you find him?


































Although rotten on the inside, we had a blast attempting to crack the coconuts open, and we roasted marshmallows by the campfire before bed.  In the morning, we watched the sun come up, looking as though it rose out of the ocean itself.  It was a beautiful scene to witness, and a wonderful way to start another day in the TCI.