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Amanda Barton on Thursday, 08 May 2014. Posted in Residence Life

I am currently finishing my spring semester as sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology. I now have two academic years worth of RIT housing experiences that I thought were worth sharing.

Freshman Year

Housing Location:  Kate Gleason Residence Hall - Floor 7
Type of Room:  Double
Number of Roommates:  1

I lived in a double room in the residence halls my freshman year, as it is mandated that unless one lives 30 miles or less from campus, he/she needs to live in the residence hall as a freshman.

I did not know my roommate prior to starting college. I filled out my housing profile, which worked as a survey that then matched my results up with other incoming freshman females. My roommate and I, if I remember correctly, had a 93 percent match. She looked at my profile and sent me a message asking if I had any desire to live together our first year. I checked out her profile and attached Facebook link and decided that we could get along as roommates. Luckily, we did.

Though she and I definitely had different personalities (a friend even joked about the polar opposite decoration of our specific sides of the room), we were able to live together just fine. I think the key to us getting along was the fact that we respected each other and tried to be fairly considerate to the other person. The fact that we listened to the same type of music when doing homework helped a lot with relations. Honestly, I remember the tension visibly leaving her body when she walked in on move-in day and she heard Pirates of the Caribbean playing.

Communication and general respect toward your roommate are really what is needed to get along well. If my roommate or I wanted to go to bed early, or study late, or have the room to ourselves for a time, we just needed to talk to the other. That system worked fairly well and I am really glad to have had the roommate I did.

Point to note, I am not best friends with my freshman roommate. If anything, I would consider us acquaintances. Currently if we see each other on the Quarter Mile, we say hi and maybe catch up if we have time, but we don't make plans to see each other. That's okay! You don't have to be best friends with your roommate, though it may work out that you become close. Either way, communication is the key to success.

As for the room itself, I didn't find the size or the arrangement to be too bad once I lowered my bed. In case you're curious, my roommate and I decided to keep our sides separate. I lowered my bed and used the space underneath for storage, including my mini-fridge. I put my dresser at the end of my bed and my desk in between that and my closet. My desk drawers fit underneath my desk fortunately, so I really liked the set up of my room.  Unfortunately, I do not have any stellar pictures of my room.

If you have any more questions about the residence halls, you can check the link provided.

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

Housing Location:  Global Village 400 - 2nd Floor
Type of Apartment:  Suite with a Kitchen
Type of Room:  Double Room
Number of Roommates:  5 in Suite, 1 in Bedroom

I chose to live in the Study Abroad Housing Cluster in Global Village for the fall semester of my sophomore year because A) I like the location of Global Village, B) the girl whom I was planning to room with suggested it, and C) I was contemplating studying abroad in the spring semester. The selection process for the the housing cluster was fairly simple. I filled out an application in October, I believe, and was accepted sometime in November. I don't remember the specifics but I do remember seeing fliers about it, so be on the lookout if you choose to do that.

Honestly, I really liked rooming with someone that I had become good friends with the year prior. We weren't afraid to tell each other candidly how we felt and we would help each other out, which was really nice. We would joke with each other and watch movies late at night sometimes. It was fun and just plain comforting to know I could rely on my roommate. As for suitemates, I generally liked the people I shared an apartment with. I lived in a six-person suite so there were quite a few people to deal with.

Having a kitchen in my suite was also a plus because my roommate made dinner when she wasn't working at night, I did the dishes, and we split the grocery bill. There were some kinks that needed to be worked out, like when to go shopping, but overall having a kitchen and no meal plan made life a lot easier for me in the fall semester.

Overall, living in Global Village was honestly really nice. I was close to my college (Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences), I liked doing schoolwork in a study area on my floor, and a couple of my close friends lived either a floor or a building away.

If you are interested in learning more about Global Village living, you can check this link.

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

Housing Location:  Dubrovnik, Croatia - Off of Zagrabačka Road
Type of Apartment:  Two bedroom with living room, kitchen, bathroom, and patio.
Type of Room:  Single Room
Number of Roommates:  2 in Apartment (They shared a room)

I decided to study at RIT Croatia, the Dubrovnik campus, during the spring semester. RIT found the apartment I live in with two other girls who are studying abroad. I had briefly met one of my roommates through a friend prior to going to Croatia, but not the other. Thankfully, the three of us get along swimmingly.

We are all people who are very comfortable being ourselves, so there is a very nice atmosphere in our apartment. We all take turns buying basic supplies like toilet paper and laundry detergent and we rotate the cleaning schedule, which works out really well.

I think all of us agree that our stay in Croatia was made easier due to our camaraderie. My two roommates who share a room have actually become really close friends which was refreshing to witness.

If you are curious about study abroad, here their website.