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can you tell I've been busy?

Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 04 May 2006. Posted in Co-op, Coursework, Research, Student Life

I'll admit, I havent been keeping my posts very up to date, but that's because I've been so busy and a lot of exciting things have happened in my life. First off, I got a co-op at the University of Rhode Island this summer doing biomedical research. I'm soooo excited. They pay me for working and pay for my housing and transportation so it's a win-win situation. And I'm less than 2 miles away from the beach. Life can't get any better. I've been busy talking to the head of the Pharmacy department there to get everything finalized. I'm also coming back to RIT early this summer to work the Orientation for incoming freshman. I hope it's as fun as it was last year.

Hmm what about classes? I really did overschedule myself in terms of course load this quarter. It's been my hardest quarter so far after three years. I'm glad that I'm getting many stressful classes out of the way now though so I can enjoy my senior year and take some easier courses. I've also caught myself skipping more classes than usual this spring. I maybe only miss 1 or 2 classes a quarter but this time I think I'm up to almost 6, which is a lot for me haha. And I don't skip just to "skip", I do because I need workor studying to get done.

This weekend is Spring Festival at RIT which is one of the most anticipated weekends all year by students here. It's a whole weekend dedicated to students and having fun. Student Government has free shirts, frisbees, water bottles, bbqs that they have for us and Taking Back Sunday is playing this Saturday for the major concert. There's also a carnival in D lot, the parking lot by the field house, on Friday and Saturday. You may think that college age students have grown out of carnivals - not true! It's so fun to see all these rides and games set up right on campus. They have popcorn and cotton candy and the whole nine yards. Gotta love Spring Fest!