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Carving Pumpkins & Petting Chickens

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 02 November 2011. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

Despite the fact that it's week nine (which, with the quarter system, means final are RIGHT around the corner) I actually got to take a break this past weekend and visit a farm. Yeah, I know, fun breaks right? 

I'm in the CIAS (College of Imaging Arts & Sciences) Honors program. While none of the activities are required (clearly) we do like to get together on a pretty regular basis and do fun things both at school & around Rochester. Most activities involve eating food!

For Halloween the group went to the Zoo Boo in downtown Rochester (I didn't go to that part) and then on Sunday we went to Gro-moore farms which is just 8 minutes from campus or so.

Even though it's close by, it's nice to get off campus & away from my computer for a little bit... and pet chickens?



The main reason we went to the farm (aside from the pig races, cows & chickens they had to play with) we all got pumpkins to carve (since halloween was yesterday..). Fun times. 

I went totally nerdy on my pumpkin & carved an ampersand. 


After we froze our fingers off carving pumpkins outside, we all ate dinner together & hung out. Nice way to break up the long runs of homework & projects we have going on these last couple weeks. I can't believe it's already the end of fall quarter -- realizing today that means 2 quarters left and I'm done! Weird.

More on my actual projects & such in a post to come.

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