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Change of Plans 2008

Joe Conley on Friday, 18 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

In the morning we woke up and the teachers were there to see us off when we left Nishikawa Heights, hope we see them again. We took the bus from KIT to Kanazawa Station, activated our rail passes (free Japanese Rail trains anywhere in the country for 2 weeks) , and then went to Tokyo station. Instead of going straight to Yokohama like I planed for, Trevor talked me and Xander into going to Mt. Fuji with everyone else. So from Tokyo station we called our hostel in Yokohama to cancel that day.

The main motivation for us was that Kesuke from KIT decided last minute that he also wanted to go. Xander didn't really wasn't interested in climbing it, but I was. I was planning to do it later by myself, but that really would have been terrible.

So we hopped a train to Shin-Fuji station, and met a few people there, but most of the group was late for the 5:30 bus we planned to take. But that was ok because the bus actually didn't start running for climbing season until tomorrow, so when everyone got there, we took 4 or 5 taxis to Mt. Fuji's 5th station for about the same cost, and started hiking.