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Chill Beats

Patricia Schiotis on Friday, 23 April 2010. Posted in Clubs, Student Life


On the RIT campus, there are always events taking place for students to attend.  You can find out these events by looking at the flyers on the quarter mile, getting event invites on facebook, or viewing the online calendar.  There are many different types of events that are advertised, from philanthropy and service events to concerts and sporting events.

Last weekend, I attended Chill Beats, which is an annual a cappella performance by Eight Beat Measure.  8Beat is an all male a cappella group that performs various songs from hip-hop to pop and doo-wop to metal.  They not only perform on the RIT campus, but have traveled all around the northeast singing at different festivals and college campuses.

Here is the link for 8Beat’s youtube page, where they have posted some of their a cappella performances.


If you are looking for other events on the RIT campus, you can view the events calendar at