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Choosing RIT.

Cory Gregory on Wednesday, 20 December 2006.

Since this is my first post, I guess I should write a little about myself. My name is Cory and I'm a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology. I knew I wanted to come to RIT ever since I visited the school a little over a year ago. My high school has a program called Project Lead The Way that allows students to take a test at the end of a course, and, if they pass the test, can receive college credit. I passed tests for three courses that I had taken and sent in the application for college credit for two of them.

When it came time to look at colleges, I looked into schools that took PLTW credit. I wanted to go away for college but not be too far from home, I wanted to go to a school that had a great computer engineering program, and I wanted to go to a school that offered a lot of co-op opportunities. RIT had all of these things!

November of my senior year of high school, I came up to Rochester with my parents to visit the school. There was an open house on the Saturday I was here. We went on a campus tour, sat in on some academic meetings, and ate at Gracie's, the main dining hall on campus. I fell in love with the school. I loved the size of the campus, the amount of technological resources here, and the amount of deaf/hard-of-hearing students at RIT. I think it's really cool that RIT has a college set up just for these students.

Soon after I came back from visiting RIT, I applied for admission under the early-decision program, which is a program that is designed for those who consider RIT their first-choice college and wish to receive an early notification regarding admission. About a month later I received my acceptance letter from the school! It was one of the most exciting times of my life.

So, there's my story of how I ended up at RIT. Hope you guys enjoyed it. =]