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Class Schedules

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 12 July 2011.

Right about this time is when class schedules for freshman. Fall quarter freshman year is like any other for scheduling because RIT actually sends you a pre-made one. From there on you're on your own -- well, not entirely, so don't worry about that too much. In your First Year Experience class you'll have more than enough guidance before registration comes for winter. 

I thought I'd give a little demo about how to get to your academic profile and all of that other fancy information that you might be needing in the coming months. 

First up, google "SIS RIT" --- I'm sure there are 101 other ways to get to this page but that's what I've gotten in the habit of doing and I can't break it! Or just type in either way works. 


From there, you'll get to this lovely page. Your student information access point. You can get to all sorts of fun places like eServices, tiger tracks, a schedule of courses that are offered every quarter, an exam schedule and your info!


Then comes this page with the announcements at the front. This gives you general calendar dates of important things for the upcoming quarter such as when you can withdraw and what not. But first go ahead and click on the Academics tab.


When you get here, click on "schedule" and it should display your schedule for the upcoming quarter. If it doesn't, don't freak out, make sure you have the drop down menu set on "2011-2012 Fall" not Summer like it sometimes defaults to. 

Here lies the schedule that you'll have for the next quarter with times, room numbers, professors, etc. 
(Note: the "R" stands for Thursday! That seems to trip a lot of people up.)