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Classes, Internships, Chaplains

Cynthia Roberts on Sunday, 30 March 2008. Posted in Co-op, Coursework

Firstly, I would like to inform you all tthat they (and by they I mean my favorite Java's employee Alyssa) are training a new person here at Java's.  He just made me the BEST Chaplain I have ever had which is pretty much a huge accomplishment.  A Chaplain is one of Java's specialties consisting of ice, milk, espresso, and vanilla.  Sounds simple but believe you me it is just not.

Secondly, I talked to this woman this weekend who knows my family through friends and other random connections.  She works in Italy (Florence actually) at a company that finds Internships for students that want to work abroad.  Anyway, so we're talking and I'm asking her all the questions I have about this summer (mainly how I can extend my trip for as long as humanley possible) and she mentions that she could easily set me up with an internship at a fashion designer or art gallery of my choice.


I know and here's the best part (aside from the working for a famous fashion designer in Italy and touching clothes I'll never EVER afford.  Usually, this program is very expensive but she offered to set me up with the internship outside of the program which means essentially FREE except for the 400 required work insurance.  THIS IS AWESOME.  She also offered to let me stay after my program ends so I dont have to find another place to live. Again AWESOME.

So now that I've had such a great weekend it's time to get back to the real world and homework.  I thought I'd tell you a little bit about class structure here at RIT.  Keep in mind that this is an example of a business class all majors are different, all professors structure their classes differently.  But this following syllabus is pretty common for my classes.

First of all, a lot of professors not only hand out the syllabus the first day of class but also upload them on Mycourses.  Mycourses is a place where students can keep track of all their classes.  Also depending on the teacher, a lot of professors use Mycourses to assign homework, collect homework, create discussions for questions or comments students might have, and post any other important information on the class.  The front page of Mycourses looks something like this:
It's kind of hard to see but the center column has a list of all my current classes as well as links all of my past classes for all three years here at RIT.

When you click on a class (I clicked on Global Business) it brings you to the home page for that class.  I then clicked on content which brought me to all of the outlines for lectures, a link to the syllabus, homework assignments, test reviews, etc. .:
You can also click on email to email the professor, a student in the class, or the entire class.  The Grades tab shows you all of the assignments and your grades for that assignment so you can keep track of how you're doing without having to save every paper ever.  The dropbox tab lets you upload homework files to pass them in.  Discussions is a place where you can ask questions or leave comments.  Quizzes is if you professor posts your quizzes online and you can take them here.  Chat is much like discussions but you if your professor wants they can create chat rooms for the students to meet and work in.  And finally the classlist gives you a list of all the people in your class.

If you click on the syllabus link you can download it to your desktop. The syllabus for this class is about 8 pages long so I just took a few excerpts from it to show you guys.  The top of the syllabus basically tells you what class you are taking, when and where it meets, who the professor is, and his contact information.  picture_8.png
Then they like to get right to the point and tell you al the work that is expected from you in the 10 weeks.  This is always a little indimidating.
They also tell you the grading policy so you can see right away the most important things you'll need to focus on in the class (i.e. the group project and final exam).  All the business professors make a big deal about attendance and professionalism so that's right in there as well.
Here is part of the tentative schedule so you can see ahead of time what chapters you'll need to know for class and you'll be able to gather any background information you may need for class ahead of time.
Finally, there is an outline of the team project and what the final paper must contain. 

Most professors want you to know ahead of time how much (or in rare cases how little) work you will need to do for their class to get an A.  This is to get students to drop the class right away if they are not willing to keep up.  The worst thing is to get stuck in a group where in week 5 one of your group members drops the class leaving you with twice as much work to get done in the same amount of time.

So thats the syllabus. 

If I ever figure out how to use this website I'll upload my brothers bands new song.  Apparently they were named best new band of the year by some big important guy and they are quite good.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty untalented and can't figure out how to do it.  Additionally, I just have the file on my computer and not online otherwise I'd give you a link. 

Oh well.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.