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Classes this quarter

Jon-derek Castagno on Tuesday, 05 December 2006.

So class this quarter is pretty nice. I love my schedule. I have a 4 day weekend. MUHAHAHA. I know y’all are jealous completely. On Tuesday s I have one class and that is a night class from 6-10, so nice the whole day is free for me. I have figured that M and W are going to be a hellish day because in class from 2-9, but Tuesday I can relax and then Thursday I can relax again for and get my work done.

Before I played Zelda today I figured I need to do my IR (International Relations) homework. My IR homework is going to be a lot, it is pure reading and summaries of that, it’s the majority of my grade. The class seems pretty cool, the professor is really funny and speaks many languages I am totally excited; this could be my favorite liberal arts class ever!

Zelda…Zelda… WHOA! That is all I can say about this game, I just got the gale boomerang and it is the coolest, they definitely made the boomerang cool again there are so many different uses for it I can not wait to see them all. Well I am going to get back to playing for a bit then I have class, cya later