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Emily Okey on Tuesday, 10 November 2009. Posted in Coursework

In my typography class this quarter we’ve been working on a pretty unique project for the past couple weeks.  To start off with, typography is dealing with fonts and typefaces.  A typeface is all of the characters in a specific font in a specific point size (my professor would be proud that I remembered the definition for longer than just the test). Nowthat we’ve got that cleared up, for our most current project we’re working over a server with a school in San Luis Obispo California.  The point of the project is to create a poster for a location in California (and they’re creating one for something in Rochester). We were split up into pairs and given a specific place in Rochester to photograph.  Some people went to Ontario Beach park, others went to Vineyards around the region or local landmarks. My group was responsible for architecture on campus so we chose to focus on NTID and the performing arts theater. It’s nice because not only do we have our class at RIT for getting feedback on our poster but we have a group that we’re talking back and forth in California which gives us a totally different perspective since we've never even met them. We’re currently in the revision process, which means that we have roughly 20-25 different ideas all sketched out and we have to narrow them down to our final 3-5 best ideas to work up. Seeing as it’s weekten, there is a lot of work to do!

Speaking of week ten, in case no one told you.. this is NOT a good time to get sick. Pretty much everyone I know has come down with something within the past week or two. For me I started feeling sick at the hockey game on Saturday night and it's currently Tuesday. Week 10 + Sick = not a good combination. Luckily all of my professors are relatively forgiving and I'm managing to get all of my work in on time. Just have to push through a few more days and then a couple finals and I can go home! (I haven't been home since August so I'm pretty excited).

In my typography class, we’re also working on a calligraphy project. Calligraphy is a really good way to learn what each letter is made up of it forces you to really slow down and pay attention. The only part I don’t like about it is that you have to reload the ink every 5 strokes which means that writing out an entire page takes forever. RIT offers a Calligraphy class which counts as studio credits for art majors. I'd really like to take it but unfortunately it's so popular that it's near impossible to get in unless you're super lucky-- maybe next year! 

Here's an example of one of my final poster revisions. We still have an in class critique tomorrow so it's definitely not finished...