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College & Careers: August Edition

Emily Okey on Friday, 13 August 2010.

This past weekend was the second round of College & Careers. This time around we had over 200 more people come than last time-- which meant lots of folder stuffing in the office!

Luckily, unlike the first College & Careers, the weather cooperated even better than expected and we had nothing but blue skies & sun. 

The first entertainment of the night is a mentalist who proceeds to stick quarters in his eyes, duct tape them to his face, put a blindfold on and then perfectly recites the code on a dollar bill, reads into people's futures and can guess everyone's name, nickname or birthday. It's rather hilarious to watch!

After dinner at Gracie's, everyone heads back to the field house for a student panel to ask some questions and hear more about student life.

The best part of the night is definitely Minute It To Win it (based off the TV show). Various tasks (all have to be done in under a minute!) include stacking 5 apples (which no one finished)

Pulling all of the tissues out of a box...

Stacking 7 of those chocolate snacks on your head...

And a few other amusing things such as wrapping yourself in an entire roll of toilet paper without it breaking.

After that portion of the night everyone is free to wander around and check out the various things going on throughout campus. A showing of Alice in Wonderland, a Trivia Game, the swimming pool, airbrushed tattoos, inflatables and even a zumba class.




Did any of you attend either of the College & Careers this year? If not, be sure to check back for next years dates!