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College Puzzle Challenge

Melody Kelly on Wednesday, 24 April 2013. Posted in Student Life

Puzzles, teamwork, and free food: Microsoft recently hosted their annual College Puzzle Challenge on campus. This year, students from 14 campuses across the United States and Canada competed in the challenge. The event is open to students of all majors across several campuses.

There was even a puzzle on the backs of our shirts!

Can you solve it?

Puzzle Challenges shirt


The day of the the event, over 270 teams put their problem-solving skills to the test on 35 different puzzles. At RIT, several teams checked in and scoped out rooms to work in throughout the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. My team settled in a Software Engineering team room, equipped with a projector and whiteboards. Some of our neighbors went all out by taping up their windows to prevent competitors from peering at their work.


The winner of this puzzle challenge would not be the team that scored the most points but rather the team that solved the meta puzzle the fastest. Every puzzle along the way provided teams with clues to solve the metapuzzle. Eventually, it was revealed that The Library was the metapuzzle. Teams puzzled away with their eyes on the prizes (Microsoft Surfaces for each team member + bragging rights, of course).


After 10 hours of puzzle solving, submissions were closed and prizes were awarded. My team did not end up on top, but we’re looking forward to participating again next year!


Check out the puzzles and their solutions!

P.S. The Answer to the t-shirt puzzle is Bookstall.