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Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 29 July 2006.

congrats to RIT for having another successful college and careers weekend!! sadly, i wasn't there to help out. but yesterday, a boy came into my work and he was wearing an RIT shirt so i obv had to ask him if he went there // was going there in the fall. he said he had attended college and careers last weekend and it was wonderful.

when i went, i had a little group of friends i spent all my time with. we talked a lot after that weekend during the summer and through a good part of senior year, but once the spring came around we all lost touch. but then not too long ago, i got a facebook friend request from one of the boys and it turned out he had found [almost] our whole group. not everybody wound up going to RIT, but the girl that was my roommate did!! i think that's pretty cool. it's pretty funny that we didn't see each other around campus during the year.

my little group in front of the tiger. yay for old pictures!

before i found a job here, i really really did want to go up for the weekends even tho my mom said it wasn't worth the travel expenses. but i have my job and next week [the other college and careers weekend] is opening weekend of fiddler!!

i feel like i should ramble on about fiddler for a bit. it's going pretty good. we had another rehearsal without the little kids and it went fine. i think its just when we have to stop and go over things with them it just drags it along.

completely random interjection - i absolutely love the song twist and shout.

now for fiddler pics!

daughters...well. except our director is standing in for chava while she's on ASP.

to life...again, our director is standing in for EVERYBODY that was missing from this scene. joejohnjameschris.

the scene where motel tells tevye he's a match for tzeitel.

tevye's monologue.

the end of the dream.

we have a fiddler!

so yeah, we open next friday and we have two weekends of shows. which means i'll be posting pictures from back stage and cast parties. yay for musicals!!