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Contemplation & how advisors figure in the mix

Cynthia Roberts on Tuesday, 11 March 2008. Posted in Advising & Support, Faculty

I've been seriously considering switching to International Business from my current Graphic Media Marketing. Luckily, doing this so late in the game most if not all of my classes will apply to the new major. This is a huge highlight. I guess it just comes down to whether or not this switch will be more advantageous to me after school or not. And right now I'm not sure.

On the one hand I feel like International Business will open up more job oppurtunites to me in the sense I will be able to work in more fields related to business (marketing, management, research, and even accounting). On the other hand I feel that a straight Marketing major will make me more marketable to the Marketing segment of businesses. (I know the word market was used far too much in that sentence).

There is also the differences between Graphic Media Marketing and Marketing to consider. And I feel like Graphic Media Marketing is a better choice because the art classes will help. At the same time because more art classes are required some pretty interesting (a marketable) classes are left out of my curriculum.

Decisions Decisions.

Luckily, this is what Academic Advisors are for. RIT sets you up with Academic Advisors (specific to your major) who can help you to make these decisions. They are often Professors and more than likely have been in their selected field for many years. They can give you the advice needed to make important decisions.

Also, because it's sometimes hard to corner your Academic advisor (they are often in classes) the College of Business has 3 advisors who are strictly advisors. And their open office hours are much easier to make. While they may not specialize in your area they still know whats up and can help you make the hard choices. They can also fix your schedule, keep you on track, or just give you some pick me up words when needed.

I'm headed over to the open office hours now to get some advice on these options. Hopefuly Angelo is available. A word to incoming business students. Angelo is the man.

Wish me luck.