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Counselors on the Loose

Emily Okey on Friday, 25 September 2009. Posted in Student Life

The majority of the RIT admissions counselors have dispersed to their respective areas of the countrythis week. Be on the look out either at your high school or surrounding area for them! On a similar note, this weekend kicks off four months of Open Houses—no, we’re not having a four month open house, just one a month from now until December is enough! If you’ll be in the area and you’re considering going to RIT this is a great way to tour the campus, find out more about your academic program and ask all of those questions you’ve just been dying to find answers to.. oh yeah, plus you get to come talk to all of the ambassadors and get an in person first hand account. Does it get any better than that?

School Updates: Where did time go? It’s already the end of week three and Brick City Homecoming is in fifteen days. I absolutely love my schedule this quarter, four days of classes and then a 3 day weekend. Next week is going to be the start of studying for midterms, I already have a big Art History test on Tuesday that I’m slightly nervous for but my professor is being really nice and holding a weekend study session in the dorms to go over all of the material. Projects are going well so far and I have a pretty reasonable homework load so let's hope it stays that way!

Hockey News: I can’t wait for October 3rd to come, if you followed the blogs at all before you’ll notice my love of hockey which I think I mentioned in a post last week but oh well....I just can’t wait for the first game of the season! The game on October 3rd is technically not even a “real game” because it’s the Orange and White opener where the team just plays each other but it’s still hockey so I’m definitely going. I think I’m going to some of the club hockey games over at MCC (Monroe Community College) this weekend.