Creative Industry Day

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Wednesday, 02 April 2014. Posted in Co-op

As has been stated in my blogs before, RIT has an excellent job placement program with the Co-op and Career Services Office. They offer students and alumni resources and events to help them look for careers, co-ops, and internships. In the case of majors that create designers and artists, the Office takes special care to make sure that we are also taken care of.

Creative Industry Day is a networking event that brings together design firms and other creative industries to talk to RIT students and review their work. In the case of seniors or those looking for internships, a lot of companies look to Creative Industry Day for talent to fill those positions. It’s open to all students and helps us to practice our communication and presentation skills.

When I went this year, I was able to speak to several companies, all who are still in contact with me and two with whom I have scheduled interviews with for full time positions. It’s a great experience that helps bridge students into the real world of a creative career!