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Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 25 March 2006.

housing came out friday morning for all us current RIT students. My roommates and I lucked out. we were assigned a three bedroom townhouse which was basically our first choice. the townhouse is bigger than my house at home. i am so excited. we'll be able to cook our own food and i'll have my own room and we'll have a basement that we can do our art projects in!

my roomies and me!

we've been hanging out a lot lately. last week we tried to figure out the bus schedule so we could go shopping at many places but we soon learned that navigating henrietta by bus is NOT easy. first off, it takes forever. second, the stop for walmart is in the middle of NOWHERE, third, it didn't stop at a shopping plaza we needed to go to. we're not doing that again unless it's an emergency.

the bus stop on the side of the road

eeeeeeee we're so excited for this townhouse. now when we have our friends up we don't have to cram a bazillion people into the dorm room. i'm gonna miss the dorms a bit, but some of my friends are still in them, so i'll be able to come visit them and hang out here too.

in non-townhouse related news, uconn won again last night. see, i'm from connecticut, so march madness ranks up there with christmas. especially when the huskies are winning. where i'm from it's pretty sad but it's true: the american flag flies on the designated holidays while the uconn flag flies year round. they're playing again tomorrow, so if you hear yelling and screaming and the uconn husky fight song, you can be sure it's me.