Critique Week

Christina Brooks on Wednesday, 10 November 2010. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

It’s Week 10 here at RIT during the fall quarter, and for first-year art students, it is Critique Week. Instead of the traditional finals, freshman art foundation classes assign final projects. And week 10 is the final critiques, which is a review of not only the final project, but for every piece you’ve done throughout the quarter. Now while this is stressful, finishing everything so that all of the pieces are your best work, there is a plus side to the madness. I finish all of my finals during week 10 instead of week 11! Here's a picture of my final piece for 2D Design. It had to be a sort of a dream sequence with flow throughout the picture.


Liberal arts classes generally have their finals during finals week (week 11) but my teacher decided to have ours the week before. That means all of my finals and critiques are jammed into this week. Woo fun! Thankfully, doing art homework is pretty fun so hopefully the week will go by quickly.

Now for all of my non-art major friends, this is their last week of classes where they’re finishing up all of their material and looking ahead to next week. Week 11 is finals week where everyone has their final exams spread throughout the week. RIT does a good job though at helping everyone stay focused. Quiet hours in the resident halls are 24 hours during finals week, so there won’t be any unwanted distractions. Also, the library is open 24 hours for all of those late night cram sessions.

But for me, I’m just looking to get through this week, then I’m home free. With those extra days during week 11 while everyone is studying and taking their finals, I plan on catching up on 11 weeks of missed sleep and cleaning. Then its back home to Virginia for Thanksgiving break, resting up for the next quarter!

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