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Crunch Time

Erin Hazeltine on Thursday, 05 February 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework

It’s crunch time! Which explains why I did not blog last week. Last week was probably one of the hardest weeks I have had at college. It was a mix of everything occurring at once, and trying to balance everything! I think one of the biggest things that I learned was that stressing out about stressing out just makes more stress! I had 2 tests in and a crit in 1 day, which isn’t uncommon but I had the 2 hardest test in 1 day and I had to study for both and balance both and was just trying to put way too much information in my brain at once.  And to top it all off I had to register on Monday, and I'm not going to lie to you registration stinks all the way up till you make your finalized class list. It involves hours, no exaggeration, of planning; what classes to take, what classes you need to take, want to take, can take, have time to take… and then registration morning waking up at 5:55 to start attempting to get on SIS (Student Info System) and then most likely not getting on until at least 6:30 so just pressing refresh as fast as your computer will take it, when it is suppose to be sleeping! This year I got on at like 6:15 but 3 of my classes I couldn’t sign up for because I needed written permission… But so far I am just missing one class so all should be good! With all this going on my Mommy came to visit me for the weekend cause we both needed to see each other, so she helped me plan my schedule and best of all let me relax, she gave me an excuse to take a breather, and boy did I need it! But this week I feel has been pretty awesome as far as Week 8 goes…!

My next big project that I thought I should inform you about is a collaborative project with CalPoly, in San Luis California. We are working on different locations there and here. So my group is doing the San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum in CA and the Strong Museum of Play here in Rochester. I am ubber excited (yea I just used ubber! ;)) But basically the point of the project is to mainly get a feel/test out a new server, that RIT is the test sight for, like many other things. But basically we have a username and password and the people out in California have a username and password and we can post things, such as the pictures we took of our site and the pictures they took for us, as well as any information they may feel like providing and what not. But the COOLEST thing is that we can have live editing! So I post my work in progress image and then they can be on the server in California and then basically critique my work as if they were standing right next to me, draw pretty little pictures and say “what were you thinking”!?!? Or I could just have a space to back up my work (which is imperative to do!) This project is most likely going to be A LOT of work but I am really excited because being able to use a server is CRITICAL once I get out into the field.  I can’t wait to get to the stage of the editing; they don’t start the project until next week when my professor travels out there to set them up.  But 2 weeks when it’s due will be in a blink of an eye so I should get working on it!
Now I guess I am going to start some of the work I have to do for week 9 WHAT!?!? Wait it’s February 5th where did 2009 go!?


The group (from RIT) working on the project
       my roomate and I goofing off!