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dear play director,

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 26 July 2006.

dear play director,

where ever you are and what ever show you are doing, i have a few simple suggestions for you. i am not a newcomer to the stage. i would be happy to tell you how many stage productions i've been in and how many i've been involved with, but honestly, i don't feel like counting.

first off, if one of your actors or stage crew members has a question, try and answer it. don't start freaking out and yelling about how you're the director. they're just trying to please you!

second, before you start handing out those first man, second man sort of lines out, please read the entire scene so you don't make a character look like a fool. it really looks stupid to have the same character go "well blah blah blah just happened" and then after a few more random lines of dialouge have the same character say "hey what happened?"

another good rule is that you are not every character. barging into a scene and saying "well this is how i'd do this now you do it too" isn't helping the actor. let them develop the character a bit on their own.

i'd also recommend researching any cultures that are involved in your show. for instance, square dancing did not exist in early 1900s russia.

i know sometimes the cast can have a very large age range, but when you're speaking to the older cast members, do not talk to us like we're little kids.

one last bit of advice so i can go to sleep so i can be well rested for another day of torture I MEAN your play rehearsal. please don't be the most immature person at the rehearsal and get so frustrated that some silly little scene isn't working [maybe because you blocked it wrong?] that you walk out of the room and say "that's it. i'm through." oh and the next night blame it on you're not feeling good. wait a sec. carrie had surgery, jill has a broken foot, and krista has FOOD POISONING and they're all on stage putting up with you.

sincerely, a concerned cast member.