Do-Re-Mi's at RIT

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Friday, 25 April 2014. Posted in Clubs

During my sophomore and junior years, I sang in one of RIT’s 6 a capella groups. I was in Proof of Purchase, the only co-ed group on campus. There are also 2 female groups, Vocal Accent and Encore, and 3 male groups, Eight Beat Measure, Brick City Singers, and Surround Sound. Each group brings their unique vocal styling to RIT and fills campus with music year round! I can still remember my audition in a room full of new male students who were looking to sing. The process included singing in harmonies as well as reading sheet music. I will be totally honest with you guys - to this day I cannot read a note of music, and it’s okay to audition! I ended up making it into Proof of Purchase (or POP as they are known on campus) and singing with them for two years. We played a lot of gigs on campus, but we also were fortunate enough to travel to other campuses like SUNY Fredonia, RPI, and Penn State to sing with a cappella groups at their schools. They were great weekends where the group really got to bond and have fun! If you like to sing with friends, or even if you are one of those people who just like to belt out ballads in the shower, joining the a cappella community is a great way to make friends and have a fun extracurricular to look forward to after class!