DONE! (2007)

on Thursday, 01 March 2007. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT

I'm done!! I think....

I has been a wild last quarter of classes, but I think I made it through! I'm just waiting on the grades now... 99.9% sure I've passed everything with at least a B. Which means I will be graduating with honors. It's crazy to think I have a degree.

I should be hearing from Maryland in the next couple of weeks about Grad school. I've had some good contacts with professors there and so far it all looks good!

I'm leaving for Sarasota, Florida on Sunday with 3 of my sorority sisters for a Spring Break getaway and when I come back I'll be starting my new job. I have a co-op in Human Resources at RIT, I'll be working with the Faculty Recruitment department recruiting new professors and re-designing the office's programming materials. Not exactly a job related to my major, but my sorority experiences landed me the position.

In other news. I've moved off campus for the first time since I started here. I have a great house with 2 of my boyfirend's friends off of Park Ave downtown. We're just a block for shopping, restuarants and bars... and we have a puppy. I love it!

Signing off...