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Dooms day.. er, week.

Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 22 February 2007. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

So tomorrow will officially mark the last day of classes for Winter quarter. It's week 10 and everyone is sluggish and tired. As the only thing fueling our brains at this point seems to caffeine - and lots of it. Many of us took finals during this week. Many will be blessed with them all next week. Regardless, it's so hard to buckle down and study with visions of spring break interfering. Spring break can mean different things to different students. I have compiled a list of possible destinations.

1. Home. Some just miss their family and friends.
2. Work. Some need money to save up for next year's break.
3. Habitat for Humanity. Building houses in third world countries.
4. Tropical climates. Cancun, the Caribbean and Florida sum it up.
5. Ski vacations. While crazy expensive in CO, students are often offered group discounts
6. Video gaming. Sad, but true, some like intensifying their calluses. Please, just say no.
7. Rochester. Some stay... to relax?

I'm going to San Fran if I already haven't mentioned it. And Lake Tahoe. And Napa Valley. We're staying in a cool artsy place called the Hotel des Arts. I'm stoked. :)