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Drag Bingo

Cory Gregory on Tuesday, 16 October 2007. Posted in Clubs

Tomorrow night is the annual Drag Bingo event hosted by ResLife. Two drag queens from the Rochester area, Dee Dee Dubois and Samantha Vega, host the event. Along with bingo games using rainbow Skittles as markers, there are drag performances, as well as games and prizes.

I attended the event last year and had an amazing time. Last year's Drag Bingo was actually the first time I had ever seen a drag queen. I have seen so many drag performances since then and I find it so strange that it took almost 19 years for me to see one.

Here are a couple pictures from last year's Drag Bingo:

The Drag Bingo hosts Samantha Vega and Dee Dee Dubois.

Yes, that's me in the gray shirt on the right side.

Dee Dee Dubois performing during Drag Bingo.

Samantha Vega and some guest performers from the audience.

Those photos were taken from I am very excited for Drag Bingo tomorrow night. I hope to see you guys there!