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DS redesign on the way

Joe Conley on Friday, 27 January 2006.

Nintendo Unveils DS Redesign

"The "Nintendo DS Lite" features a smaller case design than the original DS and a higher-quality screen with four brightness settings. According to Nintendo, the name "Lite" is a play on words meant to emphasize both the system's lightweight design (it's about two ounces lighter than the previous DS) as well as its lighter, brighter screen.

The DS Lite will be released in Japan on March 2, 2006, and will retail for 16,800 yen (approximately $145 at the current exchange rate)."

In another article David Cole, president of entertainment and video game analyst firm DFC Intelligence says "I think it's definitely a good idea. That's just the way the portable market goes. You look at cell phones and iPods...people are buying multiple versions of the system."