Early Decision?!

Christina Brooks on Friday, 29 October 2010. Posted in Admissions Process, Advising & Support, Student Life

So are ya thinking about applying for Early Decision here at RIT? Don’t know what Early Decision is?

Early Decision is an option for admissions, compared to Regular Decision. While Regular Decision applications find out about acceptance at the end of Feburary through March on a rolling basis, Early Decision students apply earlier (from now until December 1st, however you can apply Regular Decision now if you want) and find out about acceptance from late November through Janurary 15th. Yup, you read it right! Early Decision applications find out earlier than everyone else about acceptance AND financial aid. Here’s a link to the admission’s timeline for more details on dates for Early Decision!

Still not convinced? Here’s my story about how I wish I had done Early Decision.
Last year I was nervously applying for colleges around this time. On top of filling out all of the paper work, writing the essays, and making sure all of my AP and SAT scores were being sent to the right places, I had a portfolio to finish and send out as well. I visited RIT in the beginning of October last year on a Friday. I got a tour around campus, a residence hall tour, and then a tour of the Booth building, which houses the College of Design.  

After the campus tour alone, I knew this was the school for me. My tour guide was incredible, I had never seen anyone so energetic and excited to be at a school, especially compared to all of the other campus tours I had been on. The campus is gorgeous and the atmosphere was so inviting, I knew I belonged here. However, because I had already filled out applications for some other colleges already, I did not apply Early Decision. And I gotta admit, I really wish I did. Knowing that much earlier about being accepted would have taken so much stress off of my shoulders. Anxiously counting down those days till the letter would come was not fun. But thankfully, I did get accepted! And now I’m here, blogging to you about my mini sob story.

Moral of the story is, if you know you want to go to RIT, apply Early Decision. You won’t regret it. You may think now that waiting those extra couple of months to find out with Regular Decision will be fine, but the stress and anxiety builds up fast, especially when your friends start getting all of their acceptance letters. If you’re still not sold yet, no worries! Take a campus tour ! Visit the website ! Stalk the facebook page like I did before and after I was accepted! There are so many ways to get you connected to campus, no matter how far away you are, accepted or anxiously waiting! =)