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@ErinSupinka to @RIT_Erin

Erin Supinka on Monday, 19 September 2011.

Twitter- who would do that?


When I first got Twitter, about three years ago, I kind of got made fun of for it. Everyone told me it was probably one of the most pointless things to come out of the internet. Why just update a status when you could do that plus a million other things on Facebook?


Well, I thought it was cool.  At the time, mainly because my high school would send out the "School is delayed" or "School is cancelled" tweet at least two hours before they made they put it on the news. (Score!)


Now, here I am three years later, tweeting as part of my job AND studying it as part of my major in college. Yup, in college. How crazy is that?!


Who would have thought, three years ago when I typed in my information, chose my handle and signed in for the first time, that same account would actually be a very large part of my life and possibly a factor in my career choice.


I'm a 2nd year Journalism major here at RIT. I was just added to the Social Media team in the Admissions office after being hired last year and I am seriously so excited to start.


It was definitely one of the highlights of last year.


It's probably because I feel in love with Sarah Jessica Parker's job in "Sex and the City" and how she wrote her column. If you look at it now, it is extremely similar to how blogs are written now. I always thought, "wow, that would be so cool to do, just throwing my thoughts out there and people actually reading them."


Can you say dream come true?


A "silly" site with no point according to my friends, only a few years ago, has opened so many new opportunities for me and helped shape my decisions about what I want to do with my life.


The hardest part thus far about my new job?


Giving up my baby, my Twitter handle, @ErinSupinka. No worries though. I made sure to make another account to protect it until I use it again!


I think @RIT_Erin has a nice ring to it though. It's starting to grow on me.

PS! You can follow my newly, hashed handle, here