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Escape from Alcatraz

Cynthia Roberts on Monday, 20 October 2008. Posted in Co-op

So not really.

I found myself with a whopping two days off this week (this is new and different) and so I immediately took advantage of this and hauled it up to Providence to see my mom and hang out with my cousin who goes to Brown.

And what an eventful weekend it was.  We spent most of Saturday at the local favorite Trinity Pub swapping college stories, summer stories, and anything that would provide entertainment and potentially make our parents wince (my mom and aunt and uncle joined us which was great because they fronted the tab).

Sunday I slept in gloriously late and eventually drove back to New York hitting a little traffic but still making it in 2 hours and 45 minutes (this is good time). 

I also discovered that Zach and I are being the same thing for Halloween and so this will surely provide to be entertaining although now I feel that I need to step up my costume to compete.

In ACTUAL co-op related news, I added three more segments into the Voodoo One Sheets and finalized the Sonic Bids list for the pizza viewing party tomorrow.  I have to run the meeting (which although informal is still daunting as my choices are up for view and I could knock it out of the park or fail miserably).  So I'm looking forward to it and not at the same time. 

I also finished the research and question packet for the upcoming Unearth interview.  So for all you metalcore fans out there look forward to that.  They seem like really nice guys and they're playing a show the night we interview them so maybe I'll go to that.

In other news I need to choose between Anberlin and Jack's Mannequin.

And lastly I'm super excited for next Saturday when Ryan Miller is coming to see me and we're going to see Young Frankenstein.  RIT put the trip together and I got a ticket with them so I could sit next to Ryan.  I could have gotten cheaper tickets through my discount but I would have been stuck sitting by myself and what's the fun in that.

And the weekend after (Halloween)  I'M COMING TO ROCHESTER.  Not only is it the wonderful Stacy's 21st birthday but I adore Halloween (hence the costume talk above).   So be prepared Rochester, I'll see you soon.