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Evening of Awesome

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 16 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

So Tuesday was a great day for me and Drew (the other RIT co-op'ing at McNeil). My Car broke last week so Drew has been giving me rides and what not. In order to help out Drew and give him a nice treat i decided to pull a con for him. I know how much he loves Audi's so I told him i could get him to test drive a S4 or a RS4 if he wants; he of course said impossible but wanted to try. After we got to the dealership wearing suits i took charge and played the salesman into letting us drive a car. Drew decided we should do S4 for now. And then boom a  $61,355 car appeared and we both got to drive the car for about 20 min each. Obviously the car was stick (The only way to drive). We had a total blast and really enjoyed the experience.
After the drive we went out to Qdoba (kinda like Chiptole) where we meet up with his older brother after that we decide to meet up with some other folks who were at a camp with a nice fire. We stayed there for a while making S'mores, hot dogs and having some beverages. A completely fun and amazing time i must say.
  In case you were wondering how many bodies (or stuff) you can fit into a S4 I took a photo of Drew in the trunk after he took off part of his suit so he wouldnt mess it up.
I hope you find that photo as hilarious as i did taking it. The salesman was also laughing hysterically.
On a serious note i really need to thank Drew for being a life saver this week taking me to work and back and to a few other places. In my time of need you really came through for me and i appreciate that more than you will ever fully understand.
Okay now that, that part is done with it brings me to my next point of friendship and how i truly believe that people at RIT are some of the best folks in the world. You will make friends for life that would do anything for you. Well i'm out.