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Exhaustion has Hit and it Hurts

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 01 April 2006.

This week will be forever known, at least in my book, as the week of exhaustion. As some of you may know there was an accepted student chat this week. My week has been from 8am-9pm every day, constantly in class or work. After i get back another three hours or so of homework.Friday though was a bit easier, only 9am-4pm. I went to bed the moment I got back to my room. It was a fun week, but very exhausting.
I am going to mix up this weeks entry, I am so excited about this song. I have been waiting to write about it therefore the “Dotes Kick Ass Song” will be introduced early. The song is entitled “Galvanize” by The Chemical Brothers. I found out this song through “Hannah Teter’s Picks”. For those of you do not know, she won a gold medal at the Olympics in Women’s snowboard half pipe. I saw the run as it was happening (essentially) it was amazing. So the “Dotes Kick Ass Song” is now Olympic. Hope you enjoy the song.
So during the chat I was asked to post some pictures of room arrangements and the possibility, I have the pictures but now I just need to upload them. I will do that this afternoon so there will be an updated with them.
-The Coolest Dude Ever