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Fall Wellness Courses

Alissa Anderson on Monday, 04 July 2011.

Currently trying to download the latest YMCA scheulde for Burlingnton Vermont and wishing I could just quickly register for the courses as we do at RIT – but no worries luckily Vermonters also participate in Zumba so I should be set for the summer.

On campus we have quarterly options for wellness classes ranging everywhere from dance and fitness classes; to rock climbing, horseback riding, and backpacking. In addition students also have opportunities to participate in stress management courses, masage therepy and other seminars.

Highlights of classes offered this fall:

Horseback – Western or English – students learn horse maintenance and care in addition to learning how to ride at a walk, trot, and canter through demonstrations and class discussions.


Hip Hop Dance – One of my personal choices, I participated in hip-hop last spring. The course introduces students to both the history and culture of the dance and leads students though group choreography.

Pilates – group course that unites yoga movements with strength training and balance (perfect for someone looking to de-stress midweek)

Rock Climbing – Indoor and Outdoor – students gain an introduction to the sport of rock climbing and bouldering. Coursers generally take place in the Red Barn, RIT’s on campus location for climbing and bouldering. The outdoor climbing course includes a trip to an actual rock face to apply skills and knowledge.


Massage and Holistic Therapy – students learn the basics associated with providing and receiving therapeutic massage through partner exercises.

For more information on wellness courses: