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Fast Start to Summer

Jacob Sachs on Wednesday, 27 June 2012. Posted in Co-op

Hey again! Summer has been flying by, fast enough that I just now have had some time to stop and reflect on the last few weeks. To update you with my life, after the quarter was over I packed up some of my stuff, and moved down to New Jersey to start a new co-op.

This Summer and Fall I am working for Unilever in Englewood Cliffs, NJ as a packaging intern in the Spreads and Dressings department. A little bit about Unilever; it is the second largest consumer goods company in the world. Some it's most familiar brands include Dove, Axe, Wish-Bone, and Skippy, just to name a very few.

Within my role, I am supporting the Spreads and Dressings category, along with other work within other food brands. My primary responsibilities of work include working on Hellmann's, Wish-Bone, Skippy, and multiple spreads brands.

As you may or may not know, Packaging Science at RIT currently requires 2 quarter blocks or approximately 6 months of total co-op education prior to graduation. This co-op is actually my second 6 month co-op, I am doing an extra one. Last year I worked for Ocean Spray Cranberries.

Currently at Unilever, I am just about 4 full weeks in, as I started on a Wednesday (it was actually my birthday my first day!) and it has been such a blast so far. I am really enjoying my variety of projects so far and it is keeping me moving at a fast but comfortable pace. This is what my desk area looks like on a typical day.

A unique part of this co-op experience has been the overall intern program that the company has. There are only a few co-ops at each location but lots of summer interns, so I am enjoying having a good group of people around my age to hang out with and live with.

The company also provides an apartment complex for us to live in, located in Clifton, NJ about 25 minutes from the Unilever office. It is actually about 5 minutes from MetLife Stadium which is pretty cool as well. There is also a shuttle service during the summer term that provides transportation to and from work which is quite nice to have as well.

And being in New Jersey, it puts me pretty close to New York City, which I have gotten into a couple times so far. Most notably was the first time I went with two of my friends, and we ran into Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks near Union Square.

This view of the city is from Pallisades Park, about 2 minutes from my office. I'm going on a food tour in Greenwich Village and Soho this weekend and that should be fun as well!

In addition I have traveled a little bit in New Jersey, including to Hoboken where I went to Carlo's bakery, most famous for Cake Boss.

I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my latest New Jersey and surrounding areas adventures over the next few months, so be sure to check for my blogs and also check me out on Twitter!