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Festival time

Arthur Johnston on Wednesday, 20 September 2006. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

My mom is coming to Brick City Festival in two weeks. It will be only the fifth time she's been up to Rochester. When I was visiting colleges my senior year in high school. She drove me up and picked me up my freshman year and then last summer she helped me move into an apartment. I'm a fourth year right now so the last time that she saw the campus was four years ago. The CS building wasn't even on the tour last time. And since I didn't go home this summer I have seen my mom for a grand total of two weeks since last summer. So I get to show off the campus to my mom which will be fun. Also Brick City Festival is this huge event at RIT where alumni and parents come on campus so it has a festival atmosphere to it. RIT has at least 3 home games that weekend and most importantly for me the first race of the year. The Stonehurst.

The Stonehurst is your typical fall crew race and its always been really popular. We get a few Ivy Leagues every year and since for many schools including us its the first race of the season. This means almost anything can happen from blow-outs to razor thin finishes to boat collisions. Last year we had a problem where our strongest oarsman's blade holder, called an oarlock, broke half way through the race. We finished, and at one point were still passing another boat who had all eight rowers!