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Few Days Ahead

Jeff Maher on Thursday, 17 May 2007. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT

I'm one of the unusual few that can't stop thinking about the months and years ahead. Sometimes it feels like everything I do is in preparation for something in the future. Yet, despite having a job lined up, an apartment, and a good idea of where my life is going for the next year -- it still hadn't hit me that I'm graduating NEXT WEEK!

On Tuesday, RIT's undergraduate admissions office threw a going-away party for all of us Brick City Ambassadors. It was nice to see everyone in the office again (since I only blogged this year, I only get in there maybe once a quarter), but it also triggered an emotional reaction: "HOLY CRAP! I'm leaving SOON!"

That reaction means several things: senioritis has set in -- hard, packing and house repair need to begin, and reflection on my college career should take place, in blog form.

While at the party, one of the admissions counselors remarked how much I had changed since I had set foot in the office four years ago. It's very true that I've changed a lot since then and most of the changes are a result of things I experienced at college. Over the next
week, I'll try to put up a series of "looking back" posts about some of the best and most helpful parts of my RIT experience.
I hope that such anecdotes and insights will be helpful to those who have already decided to come to RIT and the many still thinking about college.