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Field trips... in college?

Victor H Sanchez on Thursday, 21 January 2010.

I am not sure about you but I never expected to have any field trips for my classes once in college. This is not counting the time I spent in France for study abroad. We did take a good amount of field trips as part of the culture class I was taking, but that is a completely different story.

While I was in the KGCOE (Kate Gleason College of Engineering) I never took any filed trips. Now that I switched to CAST (College of Applied Since and Technology) I have had three field trips in the past 2quarters.

I am not sure if this has anything to with the fact that CAST is more of an applied college, Therefore things such field trips are more likely to occur. Maybe it was just the fact that none of the classes I took in KGCOE had any near by places to take us on a field trip pertaining to that class. 

My first two field trips were last quarter in my Materials of Construction class. This class focused on mainly concrete and asphalt. There was a two hour-long lab section that went along with the class. While we were covering the concrete chapter we, took one of the lab sections off, actually had the chance to go to Manitou Concrete, which is a concrete production plant10 minutes away from school. While on the trip they explained the different steps that go in to the production of concrete and the different materials and tools used. The next field trip was very similar expect we went to see the production of asphalt. This company was located in Gates NY about 15 minutes away from school. Its one thing learning about the machines and the process that goes along with the formation of the materials but is a different experience being able to see this in person. 

The third field trip I just had this Wednesday. One of my classes is Elements of Building Construction, as it sounds in this class we learn about the procedures that go in to constructing a building. Just a couple miles away there is new construction occurring on campus.

 Global Village will be the new addition to RIT. Global village is a combination of housing and restaurants, as well as some entertainment spaces.

We took a class off this Wednesday to see the work in progress of Global Village. We were able take a tour through the some of the buildings to see the process that go in to the construction. While on the tour there were two students from our department that were on Co-op with the leading contracting company. They helped along with the tour explaining why there were certain things going on and the purpose of taking certain procedures.

It was fun to see the construction in progress and to miss a lecture, down side we didn’t have the chance to cover a chapter that will be in the quiz tomorrow so we have to cover it on our own.