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final bows. black out.

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 31 January 2008. Posted in The Arts

well, that's it. the musical is over. time to get back to my life. thanks to everybody who came to see it!!
cast and crew

the show really came together the last few nights. we had our backstage moments. we had semi-inappropriate conversations. we made up alternate lyrics to songs. it's really weird not rushing off to ingle after class and not spending every waking moment with the same (AWESOME) people. however...we convinced val and cassie to join singers!! yay!! and our mac and cheese thursdays in UC are going to continue! double yay!!

after our last show and set strike, we all went to dinner at mario's, a really nice italian restaurant on monroe ave in pittsford. AMAZING FOOD. andwe had tons of fun...goofy pics, singing. the usual.

so tomorrow. bright and early (6 am), i have the lovely priviledge of dragging myself out of bed to register. i love early starts. NOT. the food news is, i've figured out my schedule in advance for once. hopefully i'll get into all those courses. cross your fingers, i may have fridays off for the irst time since freshman year. sweeeeeeet. next quarter i'm taking management process, color management, special effects, mass communications, singers, and principles of advertising. fun stuff. with no fridays. hopefully.
i'm happy cause i didn't have class fridays

now that the show is over, i have to get back on that whole study abroad thing. pretty much, i'm exactly where i left off at the end of fall quarter. i need to fill out fafsa. i need to get the budget worksheet. i need financial aid to look at both of the previous mentioned documents and tell me how much money they can give me. after i determine whether or not i can afford it, the next stop is...applying. stay tuned.

several of my friends are in the process of finalizing their co-ops for next quarter. my here-best-friend is going to california to work for toyota. another friend is staying rather local (utica, ny). one of my neighbors is in the process of finding a new roommate since his current roommate is going on co-op with.......APPLE!!! (my dream job)

and an update on my hunt for housing...there amy be a (beautiful redone) UC with my name on it. i still have to chat with people. and help find laura housing...another thing to stay tuned for.

and now...OT2C PICS!!

        courtney, me, and ryn before wigs      laura, ryn, courtney, me - full costume
        3 muskateers at dinner               guys - do a musical, meet girls.
    chris making a normal face - rare!!                      the cast in costume